A Program for Writers

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 5.15.38 PM.pngHi again! It’s been a while since I posted regularly, partially because I was in another long term sub position for the first half of this semester. Since then, I’ve spent most of my time writing and thinking about what I can contribute come spring, when the country will be in a period of political turmoil. I’ve decided to try and organize a very inexpensive and inclusive writing retreat, in part because I know a lot of writers don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on workshops, and in part because I wanted a space for writers to focus on how writing is an act of activism. I’d like the event to have presentations, workshops, group critiques/reviews, discussions, as well as nature walks if people are so inclined.

This is in the brainstorming stage so I wanted to gauge interest about the programs and such. I have a space in mind that is very cheap to rent in northwestern Connecticut, and I know that’s not anywhere close to a lot of you. However, feel free to share this with people you think might be interested/are closer geographically.
Here’s the survey. Thank you in advance!

Trump wins, We lose.

For days, I listened to a horror-story podcast while making cards at night. It was the only thing that got my mind off the election. Last night, I went to bed with my jeans still on. I woke up at 2am and didn’t fall back asleep til 4. This morning, I am at a loss. At a loss for what to say, at a loss for how to comfort those closest to me. This morning, I walked into an empty field with a person I love, but nothing I say can make this day better. I can’t remember the last time I had such a hard time smiling. I love so many people and I cannot make this day any easier for them.

I don’t know what will happen to my country, to my safety. I’m a small, defenseless, queer Jewish woman. My mother saw anti-semitism. My father’s mother escaped from a war. What will happen? What stories will I tell my grandchildren? Will I be around to tell them?