3 Things You Can Do Today to Work Towards Social Change

As some of you know, I moved to northwestern Connecticut in the beginning of November. Since then, I’ve been enjoying small town life again but feel a little isolated from the big organizing going on in cities before Trump takes office. I’ll be moving to a city again soon, but I wanted to share a few things I’m doing in this lag time to prepare myself for a Trump presidency. I’m also keeping this short because I’ve found myself overwhelmed by longer lists recently and want to point to small, specific things.

  1. Join the Democratic Socialists of America

Okay, so this is a little bit of a cop-out, because my partner gifted me my membership for Hanukkah, but since then I’ve been learning as much as I can about the organization and signing up for call-ins.The DSA is a large force that works towards radical social change. There’s no CT chapter (yet!) but you can find a list of chapters here and learn how to get involved here

  1. Learn your class, recognize your class culture, and use these tools when organizing

Class differences are often invisible and go unnoticed and unacknowledged, which hinders inter-class progress and organizing. This website is a great tool for learning your own class culture, speech idiosyncrasies, and movements, with guides about how to create class conscious movements. There’s games! Go do it!

  1. Use your money, if you have it

This might be obvious, but I know it’s hard sometimes when you’re just entering the workforce to donate money. With all the “Why Aren’t Millennials Saving Money” articles, it can be hard to justify sending a hundred dollars to a non-profit when you don’t have a lot of savings. So I’m not going to go into how to save little bits to donate or how you shouldn’t be spending money on X, but if you have money to spare, find causes. Find Go fund me’s for marginalized peoples, non-profits you agree with, and organizations you want to be a part of.